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Second-Year Students

Funding for Second-Year Student Programming

The University established the First to Second Year Task Force during the spring 2021 semester to identify the impact that the pandemic had on students who entered Penn State between summer 2020 and spring 2021. Recommendations about how to help that cohort develop the awareness, understanding, and connections of a full, on-campus experience were submitted and accepted.

The first recommendation was to establish a system of financial support for program and service enhancement and innovation, as well as maintenance of current efforts. As a result, the University is pleased to invite colleges, campuses, and units to apply for funding to help support programs and services for second-year students.

The financial support can be used for any of the following second-year student purposes:

  • programs and services that have not been available in the past, such as welcome programs and other orientation activities
  • continued support for alternative/innovative delivery of collaborative services across the University, such as academic support services and access to University-wide programming
  • support offices that expect to provide or improve services at pre-2020 levels, such as extra personnel to appropriately staff offices
  • anything that does not fit into the above categories that will support positive transitions for this population

Colleges, campuses, or units that wish to apply for financial support may do so by completing the online application.

Apply Online

Application reviews will begin on August 1, 2021, and will continue on a rolling basis. The maximum award is $7,500. The funds must be spent prior to May 1, 2022. Colleges, campuses, and units may submit multiple proposals.

Applicants will be asked to provide the following information:

  • office/campus/person(s) responsible
  • a 250-word proposal, to include: 1) description of program, 2) goals of the program, 3) innovation, 4) need, and 5) how it will improve the transition for second-year students  
  • approval from your campus/college and supervisor
  • budget and timeline
  • additional funding sources

Applicants that receive funding are expected to provide an outcomes report and presentation of findings at the First to Second Year Forum.

Please email Barry Bram, bqb7@psu.edu, if you have any questions.