Remote Synchronous Instruction

Fall 2021

At this point, classes will be scheduled using the University’s standard (non-COVID) modes of instruction. Visit the Instructional Modes page to learn more about the fall 2021 plans and find related frequently asked questions.

In the remote synchronous instructional mode, students and faculty meet virtually and simultaneously during scheduled meeting times using communication and collaboration tools.

Place: Room is not assigned. Communication and collaboration tools provided (Zoom).
Time: Days and times are assigned.
LionPATH Code: CR – COVID Remote

Webinars and On-Demand Videos

Webinars and videos designed to provide critical information to faculty and staff about the remote synchronous instructional mode.

On-Demand Videos

Watch Remote Synchronous Teaching Demonstration Videos in KalturaRemote Synchronous Teaching Demonstration

Recommendations for engaging students when teaching in a remote synchronous environment are presented by the Harrisburg Center for Teaching Excellence and the College of IST’s Office of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.

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Why It Works

  • students maintain a sense of community with their classmates and instructor
  • addresses current and future COVID-19 physical distancing concerns
  • allows for real-time interactions and community building
  • faculty and returning students are familiar with this model after the spring 2020 semester
  • synchronous sessions could be recorded to be used for review and to assist with learning/studying for students who are ill
  • in the event of occasional and/or temporary absence, students will follow the attendance policy of the University, with some flexibility

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Policies, Guidelines, and Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Review the following frequently asked questions about remote synchronous instruction. For additional information, read all frequently asked questions.

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Resources for Enhancing Your Teaching

The following instructional resources have been curated by educational developers and instructional designers and reviewed by faculty throughout the University. They are offered in the spirit of support for instructors who need to learn teaching in new modalities or who want to enhance their teaching effectiveness in familiar modalities.

On-Demand Resources

These resources are for faculty who prefer to learn on their own, with a “give me the information and I’ll apply what works for me” approach.

Collaborative Resources

These resources are for those who prefer to talk with colleagues or someone with expertise in learning or course design.

“Explore Links and the Web” Resources

These resources are for instructors who prefer to do their own web research, exploring links and making conceptual and practical connections.

“Do a Deeper Dive” Resources

These resources are for those who prefer a directed and structured learning experience, either self-guided and/or instructor-led.

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