As of March 23, Penn State masking guidelines have been updated. Please check the University Health Guidelines for testing and masking options and other details.

Remote Exam Proctoring Options

Online proctoring helps ensure academic integrity for exams that are delivered remotely. Before you adopt a proctoring solution, please consider all assessment options first . If you have students who have made an accommodation request, please reach out to the Office of Disability Services to discuss alternative arrangements.


Resources: Zoom Learning Path, Proctoring with Zoom: Instructor Guide

Appropriate for: all class sizes, all exam types. Students take exams by logging in to Zoom and sharing their screens while faculty/TAs monitor remotely.

High-level monitoring: Assign each student to an individual Zoom breakout room to monitor multiple students at one time.

Lower-level monitoring: Assign groups of students to Zoom breakout rooms.


  • Multiple TAs/faculty proctors needed
  • Students would need webcams
  • Will not work well for students with network bandwidth limitations or who are in unsafe environments; these students need to be accommodated


  • Maintain existing exam timing and structure
  • No additional cost

Complexity: LOW

  • Exams will need to be available to students at scheduled class time


Resource: Examity at Penn State

Appropriate for: all class sizes, all exam types. Students utilize a webcam to record their exam sessions, which are reviewed by a proctor.


  • There is a cost per student per exam
  • Students will need webcams
  • Students should be oriented into system before exam


  • Most secure proctoring option

Complexity: MODERATE

  • Some preparation needed to build exam in Canvas/Examity