Connectivity and Loaners

Broadband connectivity

If you lack reliable broadband and have sufficient cell coverage in your area, it is recommended that you use your phone as a hotspot. Penn State IT has provided instructions on how to set up hotspots on SamsungPixel, and iPhones.

In order to use a personal hotspot on your device, you may also secure additional data from your wireless carrier. The following providers have information readily available on how to upgrade data: AT&TCharterComcastSprint and T-Mobile, and Verizon. Find more providers and information on the FCC’s Keep Americans Connected page.

Technology Loaner Program

As part of the technology loaner program, faculty and instructors have access to loaner iPads to assist with digital annotation needs. Instructors in need of loaner iPads should fill out the Mobile Technology Request Form. Instructors and staff should work with their local IT units to formalize other computer/technology requests. University IT is continually working on the availability and distribution of equipment. 

For students who are unable to secure the appropriate technology to support their course work, Penn State IT has a limited supply of loaner laptops, mobile hotspots, and webcams available to students actively enrolled in the current semester. 

Once a request is approved, the equipment will be shipped to a student’s location along with a return label. All equipment loaned must be returned or renewed at the end of the current semester. Please note, due to the prohibitive costs, international customs regulations, export controls, security concerns, and the potential that these may impact both the delivery and the return of equipment; we are unable to ship equipment internationally.

Students can log in with their Penn State ID and password to fill out the Mobile Technology Request Form to begin the eligibility process.