Instruction and Pedagogy

Resources to enhance your teaching and help you transition to different modes of instruction.

  • Course Design Quality Check - Course design elements to help clarify expectations, organize course structure, and orient students to the course.
  • Use of Webcams - Factors to consider regarding the use of webcams in courses offered through remote learning technologies.

Policies, Guidelines, and Recommendations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Review the following frequently asked questions about instruction and pedagogy. For additional information, read all frequently asked questions.

Instruction and Pedagogy

Instructors should set clear standards of behavior and communicate expectations early in the semester. If disruptive behavior occurs, you should confront the behavior. If the student continues to be disruptive, you should ask the student to leave the class, notify your unit head, and file a report online with the Office of Student Conduct. Additionally, staff in the Office of Student Conduct are available to discuss your concern at

Review the class recording guidelines created for instructors.

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