Countdown to Classes Webinar

Date Recorded: Friday, August 14, 2020
Time Recorded: 1:00 pm–3:30 pm (EDT)

In this 2.5-hour, interactive webinar, we will provide you with the essential tools you need to be successful in the upcoming semester. During the first hour, we will focus on preparing for your first day as we review the flexible instructional modes and their implementation. Then, we will explore how to prepare your course syllabi with the current learning environment in mind, including recommended COVID-19 statements. We will close the hour with a discussion of how to most efficiently set up your Zoom learning space and your classroom to provide learners with the best experience possible.

During the second hour, we will focus on fostering a successful start to the semester for you and your students. We will first invite you to reflect upon the typical rhythm and flow of your teaching. We will then explore small changes you can make in the design and delivery of your courses to maintain high quality learning experiences for your students. We will also reflect upon strategies for cultivating community and fostering engagement within your courses.

Watch Webinar (Kaltura)

Webinar Slides (PDF)