Finding What You Need: Engaging Students Using Online Resources

Date : Thursday, October 22, 2020
Time : 1:00 pm–3:00 pm (EDT)
Audience: Instructors, Instructors at Commonwealth Campuses

Presented by: Teaching and Learning with Technology

Series: Engaging Students Series (ESS)

As instructors, we all want to share information with our students. It doesn’t matter if we’re teaching face-to-face, remotely, or in a blended classroom; we want to get educational materials into the hands of our students. Whether we are sharing handouts, videos, or online resources, we want those materials to be high-quality and appropriate to our subject-matter needs.

This workshop will focus on locating, evaluating, and utilizing online resources for all subject areas. We will discuss Penn State resources that are available to faculty, as well as examine popular and highly regarded online resources from outside of Penn State. In addition, we will examine a quick method for evaluating online resources and matching them to our educational needs.

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