Pulling It All Together: Using Top Hat to Teach, Motivate, and Engage

Date : Thursday, May 26, 2022
Time : 11:00 am–12:15 pm (EDT)
Audience: Instructors, Instructors at Commonwealth Campuses

Presented by: Teaching and Learning with Technology

Are you ready to bring the Top Hat teaching platform into your classes, but need to pull it all together with a little more information? This session will focus on instructors leveraging the main features in Top Hat’s teaching and learning platform to develop an interactive and engaging Canvas course for their discipline.

Throughout the session, instructors that are actively using Top Hat will share their experiences when designing courses as they incorporate Top Hat’s main features. The instructors will explore how they gained student cooperation and acceptance, increased engagement, and provided a safe learning environment. They will also discuss the successes and challenges they faced in pulling it* all together and provide opportunities for questions.

*(attendance, polls, quizzes, tests, lecture notes, presentations, videos, grading, data analysis, discussions, accessibility, and assignments)

Note: Penn State’s iClicker support will end in May 2022.
Prerequisite: PSU Top Hat account created

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