Countdown to Classes

Essential Teaching Tools, Guidance, and Resources for Fall 2020

As we gear up for this semester at Penn State, our priority of creating engaging and high-quality learning experiences for our students remains the same. What has changed are the strategies we’re adopting. The University is offering a webinar, instructor guides, and virtual office hours through Zoom to help you quickly gear up for fall 2020.

Recorded Webinar

Countdown to Classes Webinar

Date Recorded: August 14, 2020

Essential teaching tools, guidance, and resources for fall 2020.

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Instructor Guides

Instructor Guide to Fall 2020

This guide was developed to provide instructors with a compilation of resources available to prepare for the semester.

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Flexible Instructional Teaching Guide

This self-paced guide offers materials and resources to quickly get you ready for fall. Use the Essential Topics list to get you started!

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Ask the Experts: Virtual Office Hours

Virtual office hours for instructors to reach out to designers and peers for one-on-one or small group consultations.

All sessions will be held in the Countdown to Classes Zoom Room

There are currently no upcoming webinars for this topic.