Webinars by Topic: Inclusion and Student Well-being

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Recorded Webinars

Dogs in the Classroom and on Campus: Service Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, and Therapy Dogs Recorded March 22, 2021

Supporting Graduate Students in Challenging Times Recorded March 17, 2021

Managing Classroom Conversations Recorded February 26, 2021

Universal Design for Learning: It’s Just Good Design! Recorded February 23, 2021

Wellness through Zoom Games and Improv Recorded February 09, 2021

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy Recorded January 28, 2021

Commonwealth Connections: Instructor Day Recorded January 12, 2021

Tutoring in the Time of COVID Recorded November 02, 2020

How to Help Distressed Students Recorded October 29, 2020

Addressing Ethnocentrism and Racism in the Classroom Recorded October 28, 2020

Cultivating the "Mindful Nittany Pause" in Our Everyday as Penn Staters Recorded October 26, 2020

Barriers & Bridges to Success for Our Financially Insecure Students Recorded October 19, 2020

What's Working, What's Challenging: Faculty/Student Panel Discussion on Fall 2020 Recorded October 14, 2020

Engaging Students through Empowerment Recorded October 05, 2020

Countdown to Classes Webinar Recorded August 14, 2020

Student Engagement and Co-curricular Learning: Supporting Students on and off Campus Recorded August 13, 2020

Student Engagement and Co-curricular Learning: Career Success and Leadership Recorded August 12, 2020

Go With the Flow: Step-by-Step Open and Affordable Educational Resources (OAER) Guidance Recorded August 12, 2020

Student Engagement and Co-curricular Learning: Student Activities and Advocacy Units Recorded August 11, 2020

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy Recorded August 07, 2020

Student Support: Special Student Populations Recorded August 07, 2020

Student Support: Academic Support Recorded August 06, 2020

Student Support: Student Care and Advocacy Recorded August 05, 2020

Engaging Students through Multimedia Assignments Recorded August 04, 2020

Student Support: Health and Wellness Recorded August 04, 2020

Who Are You Not Reaching? Designing Your Course to Gain Maximum Engagement from All Students Recorded August 03, 2020

Student Support: Academic Advising Recorded August 03, 2020

Student Engagement and Microsoft Teams Recorded August 03, 2020

Preparing for Fall: Preparing Students to be Tech-Ready Recorded July 30, 2020

Preparing for Fall: Supporting Campus Community Diversity and Inclusivity Recorded July 29, 2020